Saddam and his ending [Archives:2007/1017/Community]

January 18 2007

By: Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]

Sometimes I feel we are stupid creatures although Allah created us as his caliphate on the surface of the earth to enforce and practice his teachings and ordains, yet our minds have been stuffed with awkward thoughts and ideas by Satan who has been a staunch enemy to humanity that's why Allah sent his Prophets from time to time to put the derailed train of humanity back on the right track.

Most of us enjoyed and rejoiced the execution of Saddam, but we totally forgot one established fact the one day you, me, Bush, Musharraf and others will have to die. Today we saw Saddam hanged in TV visuals but we are not sure about how our own death will greet us. Will it be in the form of an accident, bullet, cardiac failure or what?

I uttere this as the man who used to consider himself as the president of his country ultimately met his fate. The man who invaded his neighbour and killed almost 600 Kuwaiti POWs. The man who killed his own people especially those whose case led him to execution.

The man who fought against his giant neighbour, Iran for 7 or 8 years. The man who was full of mistakes and errors. But still there is something which makes one think what kind of justice it was. If Saddam could be hanged for the killing of 148 Shittes in Dujail area, then one can assume that there are lots of leaders who fall under the same category.

First, it's Uncle Sam, who killed thousands of Japanese by shelling atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then comes General Pervez Musharraf who took responsibility for killing 83 innocent students of religious missionary in Barjaur on Oct. 29, 2006. Though it's Uncle Sam who committed the barbaric act through his drone, yet it's Musharraf who claimed the responsibility in order to avoid further disturbance of his people.

On a private channel, during a political debate regarding the execution of Saddam, one of the journalist referring to the incident of Bajaur area disclosed that U.S. authorities had principally and formally intimated Pakistani authorities at 4 am that an aerial attack was being made through U.S. drone on the missionary school at 5 am and exactly that time it happened.

Top it all, Saddam was hanged while Eid was being celebrated by the Muslims across the world and secondly, it has clearly been stipulated in the Constitution of Iraq that no one, regardless of religious affiliation, should ever be hanged or killed on religious festivals.

But ironically, all moral, religious, political and constitutional laws and norms were put back while hanging Saddam. According to the political experts, the rat-hole movie was just staged though in fact he was already arrested but he was kept in the bunker with such make-up. But to be honest, the spirit he had at the time of execution was a clear indication that he was not scary like the rat in the way he was portrayed. On the contrary, our president, General Pervez Musharraf, has started thinking right from now about his future.

The situations in Iraq are unlikely to be normalised so easily in the wake of his execution. First, it was Saddam's sons who were killed, then Zarqawi's killing, then the arrest of Saddam and finally his execution all tactics miserably failed. Let's not forget one thing that since Hazrat Ali, 4th Caliphate of Islam, could not rule Iraq easily then who is Uncle Sam to do so. I was really astonished to stumble upon a piece of history that dated back to 1899 where Philippines also defeated Uncle Sam followed by the Vietnamese. I am sure this time he will face visible and clear defeats not only in Iraq, but also Afghanistan.

The other day Pakistan's private TV channel interviewed a commander of Taliban in Afghanistan, which I watched very closely, especially when the journalist asked, “How long could you fight off U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan?”” What he answered was