Saddam’s capture: adding more confusion [Archives:2004/703/Letters to the Editor]

January 15 2004

Wathik Samawi
Sana'a, Yemen
[email protected]

I absolutely enjoy reading fictions and watching violence films. Further, it's so exciting when I try to anticipate what will happen next when watching films. But what happened recently was neither fiction nor a film. The capture of Saddam Hussein has stirred up so many debates and new contrasting news appears every day to confuse people to the degree that we can't understand what is wrong and what is right.
In our society, based on their previous experiences, some people expect or give comments about Saddam that spread so swiftly among people. What is funny is when some people read or hear some news, they mix them with rumors and self-assessments with sometimes too much exaggeration and tell them to others. This is why confusion is the norm all over Yemen nowadays.