Saddam’s hanging [Archives:2007/1018/Letters to the Editor]

January 22 2007

Saleh Ahmed Al-Shumaily
[email protected]

Saddam Hussein was and still is the most daring leader to break and smash the United States' political and economic policies in the Middle East. He and other Arab leaders are sons of America; however, Hussein was the disobedient one.

Searching throughout history, most world leaders have committed crimes against their own people, especially those who attempt to snatch the country's leadership out of their jaws from time to time.

The Dujail incident was a natural performance for Hussein to defend himself against those who endeavored to assassinate him. Any other president – particularly an Arab one – would have done what Hussein did and possibly more.

Comparing corruption and political disturbances during Hussein's reign and nowadays, a million Iraqis have been killed, instability is everywhere and goods and livelihood are expensive. Hussein's three decades of rule were the best.

In reality, Iraqis and Arabs lost a daring and darling leader, who by his disobedience to the U.S. – holding the Qur'an in all his court sessions and finally at his death sentence – carved his personality into every human being.

As the first leader sentenced to death, Saturday, Dec. 30, 2006 won't be Hussein's end; rather, it'll be a new birthday for him in every heart and mind, especially for the new generations after 1990.

It was disappointing to see worldwide demonstrations and protests against Hussein's unfair protocol. However, Arab nations remained silent, except Hamas leaders, who considered such an act as a political assassination and they're right.

Hussein's killing on such a holy day as the pilgrimage sacrifice constituted a message from George W. Bush that while Muslims sacrificed cows and sheep, he sacrificed Hussein – and other Arab leaders' turns will come.