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September 20 1999

Ali Abdullah Saleh  PGC Candidate for the 1999 Presidential Elections of Yemen:
Election Program

– Born in 1942  at Beit Al Ahmar village, Sanhan of the Governorate of Sanaa.
–  Received his  studies   at   the villages Kuttab   small religious school.
– Joined the armed forces in 1958 and continued his studies and developed his general  knowledge while serving as a soldier.
– Joined the cadet  officers school of the armed forces in 1960.
– He was among the cadet army officers who prepared for and participated in the revolution.
– In the first months after the revolution he was promoted in appreciation of his efforts and his courage in defense of the revolution and the republic  in various regions.
– He  participated in  the battles  for   the  defense  of the  revolution and the republic in several regions of Yemen.
– In 1963 he was promoted to 2nd lieutenant.
– At the end of the same year, he was wounded in one of the battles in defense of the revolution in the eastern area of Sanaa city.
– In 1964, he joined the  armored battalion  school to specialize  in armored brigades.
– Following his graduation, he returned to contribute to the defense of the revolution and the republic in many areas of Yemen. He was exposed to gunfire and was injured more than once. However, he displayed great courage in all battles he participated in. His leading role in battles and awareness of national issues were noticeable.
– He was one of the heroes in the 70 Days War when the capital Sanaa a was under siege.
– He occupied many senior military  posts including : 
1-  Commander of an armored company.
2-  Commander of an armored battalion.
3-  Chief of staff of an armored brigade.
4-  Director of armaments for the armored forces.
5-  Commander of an armored brigade and  commander of the Mandab sector.
6- Commander of the Taiz region and commander of the Khalid Ibn  Al Walid camp ( 1975- 1978 ).
7- He represented the country alone and within delegations in many official talks and visits to sisterly and friendly countries.
8- He occupied the posts of member of the temporary presidential council, deputy general commander and chief  of  staff  after the assassination of  president Ahmed Al Ghashami on June 24, 1978.
– He  was elected  president  of the republic and general commander of the armed forces by the Peoples Constituent Assembly  on July 17, 1978.
– On September 17, 1979 he was promoted to the rank of Colonel with the unanimous approval of all leaderships and members of the armed forces in appreciation of his great efforts for the building and development  of the armed forces and security apparatus.
– He was granted the Republican Medal by the Peoples Constituent Assembly in appreciation of his efforts and services  of the nation on September 22, 1979.
– He was elected secretary general of the Peoples General  Congress  on August 30, 1982.
– He  was re-elected on   May 23, 1983 as  president of the republic and general  commander of the armed forces  by the Founding  Peoples Council.
– He was re-elected on  July 17, 1988 as   president of  the republic and general commander of the armed forces by the elected Shoura Council.
– He was granted the honorary  MA. in military  sciences in 1989 by the Command and Staff Academy.
– On May 21st, 1990, the Shoura Council  was unanimous on granting him the rank of General in appreciation of his great  efforts in the re-unification of   the nation and the establishment of the Republic of Yemen.
– On May 22 nd, 1990, he hoisted the flag of the Republic of Yemen in the city of Aden, thus declaring the  re-unification of the country and ending once and for all the past state of division. On that same day he was elected the chairman of the presidential council.
– He was elected for the chairmanship of the presidential council by the elected parliament on October 16, 1993.
– He resisted all attempts to disintegrate the nation and firmly resisted the secessionist conspiracy. He led the battles for the defense of the unity and protection of democracy and constitutional legitimacy during the war period and following the secessionists declaration, who waged the war of summer 1994  until the great victory  was achieved for Yemen unity and will of the Yemeni people on July 7, 1994.
– He was elected president of the republic by the council of deputies on October  1st, 1994 following constitutional amendments endorsed by the council on September 28, 1994.
– On December 24 th 1997, the council of deputies approved granting him the rank of Marshal in appreciation of his  national and historic role in building the new Yemen.
– He exerted all his efforts for the sake of realizing a comprehensive developmental revival in Yemen. Among the most prominent strategic accomplishments achieved under his leadership are re-building the great Marib Dam, extraction of  oil and gas, realizing a huge agricultural development and  creating the free zone in Aden.
– He is the founder of the modern Yemeni state based on democratic, plurality, freedom of the press, freedom of opinion and counter – opinion, respect of human rights and the principles of peaceful exchange of power.
– He is married and has a number of children, the eldest son is Ahmed.

Presidential Election Program 
Allah  in  His  Holy Book calls on Muslims to stick to grouping and do not resort to division and remember Allahs grace who made you brothers after you were enemies, and says that the honor of hoisting the banner of Allah on earth was feared by heavens, earth and mountains and accepted by the human being..
And peace by upon the messenger of Allah his family and all his Sahaba.
Our Yemeni nation is witnessing this year  one of its most important political events, which represents a prominent and qualitative turnover along the path of deepening its unionist and democratic march. It is the peoples free and direct elections of the president of the country which will be held for the first time in our national history according to the constitution  which stated  that president of the country  is to be elected for two terms each stretching for five years. It has registered a turning point and a very important  step toward bolstering the democratic process and crystallizing the principle of peaceful exchange of power. It has also  led the people into the 21st century with confidence, bright hope, solid with and belief that  Yemeni future will be more developing, modernizing and integrated  with changes of the age in addition to its political, economic, social, cultural and scientific challenges. The free and direct elections, on all levels, represent an embodiment of the peoples free will  and an execution of the constitutional principle which   affirms   that   the people  are the owner   of the authority and it source. Elevating this process  to the level of   direct  and  competitive  elections for  the  presidency clearly indicates that the doctrine of peaceful circulation of  power, which is the highest rank in a democratic process, had become a de facto situation and not merely hopes, dreams or imaginations.
All this proved that the general political  system in Yemen has matured to  pave the way for   such an  important    and qualitative event in the history  of Yemen, to continue the building of the modern Yemeni state, the state of institutions, law and  order, the  state   of  the Yemeni human who aspires towards elevation to the rank of advanced and modern political societies.
The Yemeni  people  today, through  indulging  in the experiment and new leap, affirm that their awareness and practice of shoura and democracy were in extension of an old heritage called for the Islamic Sharia.
Democracy is our model means toward building institution bodies, deepening national unity and achieving comprehensive development.
Historic march of the political life of Yemen ever since the era of Shebans until present state of blessed unity near the end of the second millennium indicate that the system  of shoura and democracy  had displayed that the Yemeni people always rejected tyrannical and dictatorial regimes. It also affirmed that popular struggle is based on freedom as an essential right, since freedom is an instinct that  Almighty  Allah had set in humans.
Ali Abdullah Saleh has proven in all his stands, commitments and pledges that he would never alienate himself from the peoples march,   who believes in  the  Islamic creed and tolerant sharia and who  defends their national unity, social justice and economic development. He has also  been struggling for the defense of democracy, public and individual freedoms, human rights, security, stability and social  peace.
The  keenness  of  Ali Abdullah Saleh   President  of  the Republic and Chairman  of the PGC,  on consolidation  the democratic  march  and  peaceful  circulation   of  power was reflected  in his adoption of the  constitutional amendments limiting the Presidents term of office to only  constitution  was not merely meant as a democratic commitment for holding general elections and direct presidential elections on scheduled legal and constitutional time. But rather, it was a real belief that democracy  was an integrated  values, rights, duties and mechanics in a state power whose is emanated from the people. It is a state in which doctrines of freedom, equality and justice among people  prevail over  their  inter-relations  along   with relations  between its various social and political organizations side by side with doctrines of social cooperation and peace.
All the above – mentioned is linked to protection of national unity within  the framework of the abidance of all individuals and groups by the constitution, law and general discipline. Such  a trend would, no doubt, provide an elevating feeling of national  responsibility in addition to spreading confidence among all individuals, social organizations and political  groupings towards the future of the nation and its political, social and economic regime.
This is the way Ali Abdullah Saleh thinks and works and along that path  he walks for the sake of asserting the basics of life, democratic practice, institutional unity and achieving comprehensive development. Many great historical accomplishments were achieved under the leadership of Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of the Republic and chairman  of the PGC along the past 21 years  in cooperation with all benevolent national forces. As a result, many  important and strategic steps  were realized on all national,  political, economic and developmental levels. 
Prominent among which are :
First   : The Restoration of Yemeni unity and  affirming constitutional legitimacy  as a great of historic accomplishment that embraced the dream   of the Yemeni generations. It also reflected their national  and social ambitions and aspirations of a safe and stable future that is full of development and progress.
Second : Finding the institutional construction of the modern Yemeni  state in addition to asserting security and   stability, and  achieving    comprehensive revival in the country.
Third  : Stressing the democratic march, making it one of the stable foundations of national unity, human rights and peaceful circulation of power.
Fourth : Walking firmly along the road of  comprehensive economic and social development and starting the implementation of important strategic projects topped by : 
– Exploring and exploiting oil and gas.
– Building the basic cornerstone  of the free zone in Aden.
– Constructing   roads, harbors    and  airports   in  their capacity as the economys main infrastructure.
– Developing social services in the fields of public and academic education, along  with medical services, and spiritual and cultural build up.
– Upgrading transport, communications,  information, culture, tourism and trade services.
– Establishing electricity,water and sewerage installations along  with   granting  increased  concern  to   health environment and municipal services.
– Setting appropriate demographic policies, catering  for maternity and childhood and paying attention to family issues in its  capacity as the first nucleus of the society.
– Creating a  social  security  network to provide work opportunities, achieving social integration, elevating peoples living conditions and consolidating their participation is economic, social and cultural development.
– Giving concern to tourism, hotel services and granting necessary facilities to uplift tourism services.
– Encouraging women  and urging  them to participate political, economic and social development.
Fifth  :   Re-structuring the  economy  and  introducing structural and financial reforms as an important step towards renaissance and constant development.
–  Achieving major   and tangible successes  in economic and financial reforms and restructuring, in addition to providing more investment opportunities domestically and international and boosting confidence in Yemeni economy.
– Halting economic deterioration, establishing financial and monetary balance and protecting national currency from collapse.
– Providing the principle of economic freedom, increasing competition chances, fighting all forms of monopoly and working for abolishing all financial and administrative corruption.
– Developing investment laws and organizing dealings with the private sector to attract more national, Arab and foreign capital to invest in all sectors.
Sixth  : Realizing administrative reforms as an important step towards institutionalizing a modern state.
– Affirming the doctrine of administrative and financial decentralization and working for applying the system of local rule.
– Reforming the civil service body and keeping the public jobs neutral and away from any partisan or political impacts in addition to linking between rights and duties, and balancing authority with responsibility.
– Stressing  respect  of  laws, regulations and  doctrines of justice and equality between citizens in addition to supporting the basic rule of reward and punishment in evaluation of performance.
– Highlighting transparency in dealings and boosting role of observation on all levels.
Seventh : laying down  principled basis for reforming the judiciary reaching to social peace and to provide  security and stability in addition to the doctrine of the supremacy of law and order.
– Setting a comprehensive program for judicial reform.
– Controlling public security, combatting anti- religious manners and anti- social traditions, and underlining doctrines of tolerance and human detente.
– Fighting all forms of terrorism and rejecting fanaticism in addition to constant call for dialogue, and fraternal and civilizational understanding.
– Protecting the basic  human  rights and setting legal guarantees for them.
– Providing the principle  of  total independence  of the judiciary, and  safety  and  integrity of the judges.  Protecting the citizens against oppression and judicial corruption,  for   justice  is the  basis of power and an insurance of stability in various dealings.
Eighth :  Building the  armed forces and security apparatus on appropriate national basis and guaranteeing their allegiance to national belief, safeguarding constitutional   legitimacy   and   protection   of national sovereignty, law and order.
Ninth  :  Adopting a balanced foreign policy that is  based on frankness, truth, equality and mutual interest in addition to providing chances for peace, security and stability in the region and the world at large.
– Pursuing a foreign policy based on non-intervention in others internal affairs and respecting peoples will in choosing political systems.
– Rejecting   the use  or   threatening   force in settling differences and   resorting  to  dialogue  and  peaceful solutions in addition to affirming laws and respecting international legitimacy.
– Backing the national legitimate rights of the Arab people in liberty, independence and full national sovereignty.
– Contributing seriously  in providing  conditions of peace, security and stability in the region.
– Establishing   relations based    on   mutual   benefits, balanced development and increasing opportunities of a just partnership in all economic, social and cultural fields.
– Supporting the non- aligned movement and regional and international organizations seeking to back up  national development, improving conditions for  international merger and boosting positive   dialogue for  the sake improving globalization in its capacity as an important phenomenon of the new world order.
– Asserting  serious endeavors  for  international cooperation   in    environment   protection,   combatting terrorism  and drug trafficking, elimination   of mass destruction weapons, fighting   organized   crime and rejecting all forms of religious and racist fanaticism, and racial discrimination.
– Affirming total bias to human rights issues, public freedoms, freedom of the press and constant backing to social institutions and non- governmental organizations.
The Elections Program
Consolidating the Building of the Modern Yemeni  State
National Unity, Democracy and  Comprehensive
 Development are our  Means to Progress
This program,   which  we   present  to  the people, is the summary of the mature experience of Ali Abdullah Saleh  in the field of national, unionist,   democratic  and developmental arena. It is the national program for the upcoming stage that calls for right, justice and peace and for development, progress and welfare.
The is could be only feasible through the following :
First : Bolstering   the institutional   building   of    the modern, democratic Yemeni state, the state of justice, law and order, and social justice.
1-   Deepening   democratic    march   in  the countrys political life and in various institutions. 
2-   Making humans and public freedoms the basic aim  in practice through protection dignity, blood, honor and money of the Yemeni citizens. 
3-  Affirming popular participation in governing the country by applying the local rule which is based on decentralization.
4-  Continuing with the administrative reform program and executing the civil service law regarding the public jobs in addition to ensuring their neutrality and elevating qualitative performance of employees.
5-  Re- structuring the   government   and  public sector to guarantee more competence and erase corrupt practices.
6-  Establishing  balance   and   harmony   between the authority and the responsibility in addition to setting up measures for efficiency.
7- Attaching special concern to popular non- governmental activity so as to serve as a popular back up to economic, social, cultural and political development.
8-   Granting syndicated, unions, societies and non- government at organizations full freedom of organizing themselves  and of  working   on voluntary   and democratic basis   in   addition  to helping them in  performing their social and humanitarian missions. 
9-    Elevating freedom of the press and ensuring freedom of expression to its noblest goals.
10- Giving special attention to family, childhood and women including their legitimate rights as stipulated in the constitution.
11- Implementing  the  document  for judicial reform in addition to developing all  courts and public prosecution to  boost respect of the judiciary. Affirming neutrality  and  independence  of   the judiciary, making it one of the basic factors in the institutional building of the country.
12- Improving  status of  jails,  detention  facilities and reform institutions in their capacity as rehabilitation centers.
13- Developing the system of commercial arbitration for the sake of stabilizing dealing and boosting confidence in it   to serve market   economy  and  encouraging local and foreign investments.
14- Paying more concern to maintaining efforts for the sake of building the qualitative ability of the armed forces and security apparatus to bolster the countrys defense capability. The should be firm commitment to protecting constitutional legitimacy and banning partisan  activities   within    them  to  ensure  their allegiance to Allah, the nation and the revolution.
15- Upgrading level of training and introducing modern technology  in the military  and security fields to meet development requirements in armaments.
16- Consolidating procedures and activating laws dealing with means of stabilizing security and stability in the society in addition to organizing the phenomenon of carrying weapons and fighting terrorism. Combatting any attempt to infringe on security of citizens and tourists since such deviations are rejected by all heavenly creeds and Yemeni traditions.
Second : Making constant and comprehensive development a continuous national struggle, and real partnership between the state and the citizen within and outside the nation, and between Yemen and the world.
1-   Allocating   development   efforts  for  the  sake   of elevating the Yemeni  citizens living  conditions in addition  to    mobilizing    material    and   financial potential so as to use them in an ideal manner.Finding a large base for small investment ventures and creating a stock exchange to develop the countrys free economic system.
2- Expanding and  strengthening basic and  economic infrastructure especially the building of roads, airports, harbors, electricity generation stations, irrigation installations, industrial and storage areas, coastal and fishing service centers, air and sea travel services, telecommunications and developing internal and external trade transactions.
3- Paying more concern to public education and vocational and professional training and rehabilitation through adopting a national educational strategy.
4- Attaching special  importance to  demographic  and environmental  issues in  their  capacity   as vital questions   of   economic, social  and   humanitarian dimensions.
5- Confronting the issue of water shortage seriously  and drafting a national  strategy to run water resources along with continuing the construction of dams and water reserves through integrating official and public efforts.
6- Setting national priorities    for  promoting important economic  resources  represented in oil   and gas, tourism, fishery, agriculture along with expanding the system of  free zones   and   improving  Yemeni islands.
7- Giving more  importance  to   health   programs and catering for maternity and childhood, preventive programs and improving the citizens health awareness. Expanding in construction of specialized  hospitals and attracting national  and foreign medical efficient cadres to work in them to limit treatment abroad in addition to expanding in construction of clinics and health services in all areas of the country .
8- Preparing the second five- year economic and social development plan for the years 2001-2005 within a comprehensive strategy that targets realizing the most important developmental goals of : 
– Elevating   the continued upgrading of production and service sectors, establishing  coordination and  integration among the production, distribution and local and foreign marketing processes including the removal of all obstacles facing the export of local products.
– Converting the economic, financial and administrative reform process into a constant  operation to regulate performance and treat any mistakes in economic and administrative conditions.
– Expanding the network of social security and related projects along with finding work  opportunities to ease unemployment in a way that would  expand the number of the beneficiaries especially the limited income groups.
– Encouraging investment and enabling the private sector to perform its role in  the production    process and to increase its contribution in boosting national economy.  Drafting detailed studies and finding an informational data base that would help  adopt investment decisions by businessmen.
– Paying concern to agriculture and working for drafting a strategy  for food  security in   Yemen  specially adopting a strict water policy and introducing modern irrigation systems.
– Encouraging  farmers  and directing  them toward  planting crops that would be exported or industrialized.
– Giving more importance to fisheries and protection of water wealth  and marine environment against robbery and destruction. This should include passing legislation and endorsing strict observation to eliminate the random exploitation of fisheries.
– Developing investment in the fishing sector and linking it to the process  of   industrialization and organized  export along with encouraging popular contribution in those processes.
– Executing the project   of exploiting natural gas for purposes of liquefaction, export and energy generation in addition to using   it  in  petrochemical, convertible industries and local consumption.
– Expanding the  basis of investment and exploration of oil, mineral and   construction   materials    including increasing field surveys and encouraging local cadres to work in this important and vital sector.
– Catering for local industries and establishing industrial areas. Creating   a  national   industrial  environment, entering a strategic partnership that would ensure the transfer appropriate technology,  the use of local raw materials and encouraging small handicrafts.
– Finding the material necessities for converting tourism into a  basic   and  important   supporter to  economic development and  a source of foreign currency.
–  Maintaining concern   with establishing and modernizing communications and   postal services in various areas of the republic in addition to organizing means of transport to sole problems of distribution, movement of goods and export of products.
– Increasing electricity  generation and constructing distribution networks in addition to encouraging local and foreign private sector to invest in this sphere.
– Continuing the implementation of sewerage projects for main and secondary  cities, paying more attention to cleanliness and environment   along with spreading public awareness on this vital subject. Providing clean water for distant areas and providing stability factors for their inhabitants.
– Exerting constant efforts   for the elevation  of labor values, culture and production in addition to elevating  the youths capabilities to indulge in private work and grant them facilities in various sectors.
– Supporting aspects  of social  development topped by rehabilitation programs for the handicapped and the elderly. Encouraging private cooperatives and paying concern to investing the pension and social security funds.
– Maintaining support to youth and supporting sportive activities  and continuing the construction of sportive installations in all governorates.
– Consolidating   informational   endeavor   and   all  its institutions   to   cope with   the  efforts for political, economic and cultural   development  in   addition to endorsing its national unionist content.  Paying concern to the information service broadcast to the foreign countries  so at to reflect a true  image of life in Yemen and  to confront smear campaigns against our nation, democratic experience and  developmental march by enemies of the country.
– Expanding cultural  activities, arts and science with all its branches along with child culture, youth and family.
– Paying more attention to sermons  and guidance to spread public awareness of the Islamic religions doctrines and values in addition to deepening the spirit of tolerance and national unity. Strict implementation of Waqf, preserving and protecting property of the Waqf and regulating  the  construction  of   mosques   and maintaining their religious, educational and guidance role.
Third  : Enhancing the   role of  Yemen  in maintaining security, stability  and peace in the region and the world  at large in a way that boosts relations on the basis of common  interest  and   mutual respect.
1-  Asserting   the  principle   of   respecting   national sovereignty of all countries and the non – interference in internal affairs along with rejecting the use of or threatening force  in   settling  disputes. Respecting international laws, adopting the doctrine of dialogue understanding and   peaceful   and   just    solutions. Establishing a balance of interests and rights among nations   and  non- adoption  of double   dealings   in international   relations and concepts in addition to endorsing the doctrines of justice, peace, security and stability.
2-  Working on a foreign policy that would bolster Yemens  relations  with  sisterly   countries in  the Peninsula and Gulf in addition to promoting cooperation with them to establish an integrate relationship in all field.
3-  Maintaining  peaceful   negotiations   and   fraternal dialogue to solve the border dispute with brothers in Saudi Arabia on the basis of no harm done to either party.
4-   Keeping constant support to the Palestinian people to restore their full legitimate rights and backing all their options including the right to an independent state on national soil with Jerusalem as its capital. Realizing just and comprehensive peace in the region and aiding  the   struggle  of the Syrian and Lebanese peoples for the liberation of heir occupied territories in addition   to   maintaining the call for restoring Arab solidarity and boosting the role of the Arab League. Regulating the convening of the Arab summits, exerting   efforts  towards a Pan – Arab conciliation to confront challenges and dangers against the Arab Nation and finding new methods to upgrade joint Arab action on all  levels.
5-   Bolstering relations with countries of  the  Horn of Africa and east Africa including sharing in finding peace and stability to its peoples to preserve safety  and security of the Red Sea, protect its environment, coasts  and   natural  resources. Finding  means for regional cooperation among littoral countries of the Indian Ocean.
6-   Strengthening cooperation relations among all Islamic countries including  trade exchange and economic, technical and cultural cooperation. Boosting role of the Organization of Islamic  Conference in support of just Islamic questions and enhancing dialogue among various religions in service of international peace.
7-   Affirming Yemens principled stance in the rejection of violence and all forms of terrorism and all kinds of racial or religious discrimination.
8-   Consolidating  efforts  for  reforming  the   U.N., the security council and all affiliate bodies.
9-  Supporting  the  call for increasing role of regional and international institutions working in the field of economic and social spheres and exerting efforts for the sake of benefitting from their activity in Yemens comprehensive development program.
10- Constant development of Yemens ties with sisterly and friendly countries especially those backing its development process in all fields.
11- Backing  international   efforts  targeting   combat of organized  crime,  drug,  trafficking, contagious diseases  and  environment   pollution   in   addition to backing  efforts   for   the  elimination   of  mass destruction weapons in a just manner away from double dealing or selection in execution of international resolutions.
12- Boosting the role of the non- aligned movement and elevating its performance to face new challenges facing   the   developing  nations   in   addition  to enhancing  Yemens relations with all international governmental and non- governmental organizations concerned with human rights, protection of public freedoms and attaining justice and equality among peoples.
Ali Abdullah Saleh
The candidate of the Peoples General  conference, 
the Yemeni Congregation for Reform, 
the National Council for the Opposition and 
the candidate  of the people and the nation 
Together towards the 21 st century and the third millennium
To all Yemenis in various sectors and walks of life  and all regions of  the  cherished homeland : we present to you  this program for comprehensive development and continuous loyal action, for the sake of the nation and citizens and for the sake of security and economic progress.
We will   engage  together, through  Ali  Abdullah  Saleh and this  program, in   the  battle of construction, stability, civilizational renaissance and national  unity. We will proceed along the road to preserve our dignity, defend our doctrines and values, ensure our democratic  march and confront all challenges for the sake of building our modern state, that of constitutional institutions, law and order, and comprehensive development in all spheres.
With this program we elevate Yemen to its aspired for status among the world  nations and cross into the 21 st century  with stable steps to back up our country, Arab and Islamic nations causes and to support  the peoples  rights everywhere  as an embodiment  of  our  great   Islamic  beliefs  and   national  doctrines.
To all Yemenis : we are  called upon to give our confidence to Ali Abdullah Saleh as the candidate  for presidency and leader of our unionist, democratic and developmental march for the upcoming  period in a bid to preserve all the gains and accomplishments achieved in the past period.
So let us walk together along   the road  with   solid  and confident steps and illuminated minds and hearts guided by their belief in Allah and in their country  along the paths of right, justice and peace.
We are confident that the national Yemeni program will be realized at the footsteps of the 21st century, the program for boosting the modern Yemeni state, national unity, democracy and development in their capacity as our means towards progress. Thus, it is the  program of   the whole nation and   all the people.
Tell them  to  work  for  Allah, His  messenger   and   the believers will witness their work. (From the Holy Quran).