Saleh says arrested terrorist was a Bin Shamlan electoral companion [Archives:2006/983/Local News]

September 21 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 19 ) Security authorities arrested one of Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) presidential candidate Faisal Bin Shamlan's electoral companions accused of being a terrorist and allegedly planning to attack U.S. interests in Yemen, as well as the Moevenpic Hotel.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced the arrest Tuesday at a press conference at the presidential palace in Sana'a. Showing a picture of the alleged terrorist as proof, Saleh stated that the man, Hussein Al-Tharhani, was seen standing behind the opposition candidate at one of his election rallies.

Saleh also indicated that Al-Tharhani was in possession of a quantity of explosives and dynamite, asserting that his standing behind the JMP candidate raised many questions.

Responding to the president's speech concerning the arrest, JMP spokesman Mohammed Qahtan said the man [Al-Tharhani] accused of planning to attack U.S. interests in Sana'a “volunteered to accompany Bin Shamlan and was with him only eight days.”

He added that the JMP asked Al-Tharhani to resign before last week's terrorist blasts occurred after “learning [he] was affiliated with Yemeni intelligence.”