Sana’a University Students of 2001 Ambitions & Reality [Archives:2001/19/Reportage]

May 7 2001

Nabil A.Al-Kumaim
Sanan?a university correspondent,
The following is a report about our student’s ambitions about future prospects and realistic expectations. All of the following students and staff spoke to YT openly and frankly about what they feel on these subjects.
Hanan Awass
Level 4
Fatma’a Al-Ghaban
Faculty of Mass Communication
Press Dep.
A good press concerns humanitarian service. So we should develop the ability to communicate with others. But in our society girls are not allowed to go out in afternoons and evenings to practice this skill.
Ayman Bahassan
Khaled Ajlan
Faculty of science
Level 1
We enrolled in this department to study computer skills, but we are surprised that our textbooks have not changed since the 50s, Now we think seriously about going abroad to find a better environment to improve our talents.
Faisal Farhan level 4
Ibrahim Al-Khateeb level 3
Public Relations
During our studies, we face many problems. For instance, when we go to the TV media to apply our studies, they do not give us adequate information. The sources of references are very limited. The mediations deprive the the best students from entering this department. Instead they accept individuals who have mediations from high ranking officials.
R. Saleh, level 1
Sawsan al-Hamza, level 3
Faculty of Languages
We are interested in practicing democracy. Some of our professors give us the freedom to speak openly about our opinion, others try to ignore us.
Occasionally some of our lectures are cancelled because of a lack of classrooms.
Dorra Al-Mansoor
Faculty of Communication
Tv& Radio Dep
Level 4
There is a sharp contrast between professor’s speeches and reality . There is corruption and a monopoly in the Information Ministry. If I become the minister, I will make placement test for all to determine who deserves to be in high ranking position, and who deserve to be fired.
Zaid Dirhm
Moh’d Al-Samae’e
Faculty of Arts
History Dep.
We graduated in 2000. But so far we have not been able to get our provisional certificates.
We want to enter a M.A program but they charge us 90,000 YR which we can not afford.
Adel Mazro’a level 4
Abdulfatah Al-Sho’aibi level 3
Level 4 Faculty of Languages
As we know, democracy is our legitimate right. But when we find something wrong in any aspect we can’t criticize it because the teachers have the key to our future. They can punish us by giving us poor marks
Nassreen Al-Sharmany
Asma’a Oqba
Faculty of Art
English Dep.
We joined this department because we love English. Our relations with our professors depend on their mood. We try to develop our skills by listening to cassettes, foreign channels, and reading newspapers.
Moh’d Al-Malahi
Moh’d Al-Salahi
Faculty of Languages
Level 2
As a matter of fact, we as students of English Dep. need to practice communication skills in English. Unfortunately we have no native speakers of English. Students are sensitive about making mistakes.
Basheer Al-Khawlani
Wafaa Al-Adashi and Hiam A.
Psychology Dep.
In Our group we have 100 girls and 9 boys. We are feel hopeless because there is no suitable occupations after graduation. We graduate to become teachers, but we want to promote our career like people in other countries.
Eman M. Haidar
Faculty of Languages
I have been studying here to obtain a good job in future, because English nowadays is a universal language.
I prefer public university rather private ones, because here you pass by your own merit. There they can pass through money.
Farouq Jahlan
Majid Salman
Faculty of Agriculture
Level 3
I have an ambition to be a prominent citizen in future. We are interested in studying here, although there are no good labs, premises, and essential services.
Yasmin Al- Hmdany
Faculty of Languages
Level 1
I would like to thank our honorable professors who exert great efforts to develop our wish to be fluent in spoken English as well as be proficient in writing and reading. I have strong desire to be a prominent person in the near future after I graduate from college.
Ahmed Al-Jubari
Amin Zuhair
Faculty of Arts
English dep.
The point is we have no extracurricular activities to encourage us to participate and compete. We don’t feel a university lifestyle. We are merely in a high school setting while listening to lectures and taking writing exams.
Nadaa N.
Faculty of Languages
Level 1
We want to be Translators/Interpreters in more than one language. We have to learn French, as a requirement course, but they don’t care about it, We desire to change French from level 1 and 2 to level 3 and 4, so as to graduate with two languages.
Abubakr Abbad
Walid Al-Hashidi
Public relations
Faculty of Information
Our shifting to this new campus is just like moving from kindergarten to secondary school. We need more attention and monthly evaluations. We are hoping for a good academy and a promising future.
Wassem Jahaf
Hani Al-Kuhlani
Faculty of languages
There is a decline, in the democratic sense, among teachers and students. We should be granted the right of freedom of expressing viewpoints, thoughts and ideas.
Antar Hiba
Fadhel Mekhlafi
Language Faculty
Level 2
We want to go to England, but I am sure it is impossible because they do not have the resources to prepare us for such an experience.
Bassam Jamil
Level 2
Mass Communication College
“Our campus is not fit to accommodate faculties such as the Communication College. Nowadays, there is a keen competition in the information field. It is a pity that we are still studying without computers.
Dr. Ahmad Al-Shaeer Basarda
Dean of Communication college
The youth are the pillars of our future. We must look after them and present all facilities for them. For instance, in Mass Communications Department, here students need to practice and apply what they study. Last year UNESCO promised to grant us an integral studio, but so far there are no indicators to show they will implement it. In the information arena we have cadre and potential. They must hire well qualified specialists to train them in an ideal work culture.
Professor Dr. Ali Y. Mansoor
Phd in German.
German Dep.
Faculty of Languages
Personally, I find students in Yemen, in harmony with me as a teacher. I receive respect and appreciation when I talk with them. They are eager to learn. My dream here is to have a perfect German Dep., and our efforts so far has been successful.
Dr. Ahmad Aqbat
Vice dean of students affairs
Faculty of Mass Communication
The educational standard of our students is good. We have signed an agreement and protocols with all authorities in the Information Ministry to allow our students greater professionalism. The problem is there are not monthly evaluations.
Dr. Moh’d Abduljabar Salam
Chief editor of Al-Hikmmah Magazine
I look forward to the spread private media in Yemen to ensure vacancies for our new graduates in the information field. Nowadays TV, Radio, press..etc have vital importance. There was a serious endeavor by the late Dr. Abdullaziz Al-Saqaaf to found a private FM broadcasting station, with a 50 Km range to start with. He invite d press and communication people to discuss this point two years ago. All of us appreciated his ideas and decided to support him. Unfortunately his early death nipped in the bud as a distinct enterprise.
Dr. Moh’d Saeed Moqbil
Head, Press Dep.
We benefited a lot from the experience colleges of Arab colleges to draw up our curriculum. The key problems are the practice of giving handouts and the want of reference materials. We need our own press to publish our student’s creative potential and provide them with training.
Dr. Mahmoud Jamal Moh’d
Vice dean of Academic affairs
Information college
Several of our students work in the press by their own initiative because of a lack of cooperation between us and the press. They must train themselves when they are undergraduates to be efficient in the future. We have several issues to present to the Administration Board of Sana’a University. We hope to solve these problems as quickly as possible.