Saudis should rethink their policies [Archives:2004/773/Letters to the Editor]

September 16 2004

Mohammed A. Ghaleb
[email protected]

Having read the article about the decision of the Iraqi government to ban al-Jazeera from reporting in Iraq and the action taken by the so-called American democracy against it, I feel that the real focus should not be al-Jazeera, but in my opinion, the Saudis are to blame for the problems we underwent after 9/11.
As we know, 15 out of 19 persons who committed the 9/11 terrorist attack, were Saudis. In my opinion, the radical way of thinking of the terrorists is attributable to the radical educational system of Saudi Arabia, which used religion extensively.
Billions of dollars obtained from oil were used to harness radical beliefs and caused the destabilization of various parts of the world such as Afghanistan, Chechnya, Somalia, Iraq, the Philippines, and Yemen, etc.
It is now the right time for Saudi Arabia to right the wrong actions it has taken in causing radicalism and extremist ideas to emerge throughout the world. It should stop its means of destabilizing countries such as Yemen, which suffered tremendously from such actions.
I wish to join hands with others to free the simple Saudi citizen from the extra radical religious preaching and education. Saudi women should be allowed to drive cars and beheading acts should be stopped.