Save Yemen from catastrophe [Archives:2004/759/Letters to the Editor]

August 29 2004

Abdelsam Hidarh
[email protected]

It is obvious that other nations are progressing and moving forward with their lives and we are moving backwards with ours. The cost of living in Yemen is now more than New York City or any world capital, compared to the average national income. How can we make ends meet, bills need to be paid, families need to be fed, sick children need to be treated, and the whole country needs to be saved?
Where are the schools, hospitals, universities that Yemenis were promised? Poor Yemenis are getting more and more depressed every day and are finding it very difficult to survive. In fact, adding insult to injury, rain this year is below average causing potential famine disasters. We don't have enough water anymore, and many underwater wells are now polluted.
Action is needed, and hard work is better then sitting, chewing qat and talking nonsense.