Save Yemen’s educational future [Archives:2004/751/Letters to the Editor]

July 1 2004

Ali Saleh Al-Izzani
[email protected]

As a Yemeni who began his education in (Almilamah) in Izzan – Rada – Yemen, completed his secondary school in Khartoum Sudan, his higher education in the USA and later became a college dean in the USA, the article by Mr. Alolfi regarding the true corrupt status of education in Yemen upset me beyond descriptions.
Even though I do not agree with some of his remedies, I appreciate his frankness and his accuracy in describing the corruptions that not only affect the primary and secondary system but damages the higher educational system too.
How is it possible for Yemen to join the 21st century if its educational system is in such a miserable state of deterioration? Does anybody care? Or is the country in such a state of corruption that no one really cares about the future any more?