School committee project implemented in Taiz [Archives:2006/941/Local News]

April 27 2006

SANA'A, April 20 ) Taiz education office and district administration staff recently trained to establish school committees in 56 schools in the poorest areas of Taiz governorate's poorest districts. The committees will suggest activities to be implemented in schools.

Nearly 2,400 trained individuals participated in implementing the project, forming 56 school committees and contracting 145 teachers in targeted schools. The 56 schools carried out 227 activities due to project actions.

The cost of such activities was YR 28.4 million, which was YR 507,704 for each school. Jaica organization provided YR 500,000 for each school, as well as local contributions amounting to six percent of the total sum and in the form of volunteer work.

The number of students joining these schools was 7,822 in 2005 compared to 6,095 in 2004, an increase of 1,727.

Japan's ambassador honored distinctive schools. They were: Al-Shahid Al-Bahr School in Maoiah, July 7 School in Samie, Al-Tawhid School in Maghbanah, Ghail Bin Ali School in Al-Wazi'iah, Al-Isha'a School in Al-Makha and Babalmindab School in Tho-bab.