Scientific symposium on extracting water from humidity [Archives:2005/879/Local News]

September 22 2005

SANA'A- Sept. 18 – A scientific symposium and display on the extraction of water from humidity available in the air was held on Sunday at the Sheraton Hotel.

At the symposium, Mr. Douglas Robb stated this method excels all the modern methods used for the extraction of drinkable water from humidity in a daily basis with a high degree of purity reaching up to 99%.

Such modern devices have been designed for the provision of water in military camps and also during the practice of military exercises, as well as in the areas where water can't be provided so simply, said Mr. Robb. “We think the use of such technology will be good for Yemen due to the difficulties associated with the provision of water in urban and rural areas.”

Modern devices of different sizes and capacities ranging from 30 litters hot and cold water to million litters per day with lower costs that never exceed 2 cents a litter.

Agents of the Waterair Company gave speeches including Mr. Bob Carter who stressed that climate is a good source for water and in the air there are around 195 thousand cubic meters of water. Yemen, which suffer from water shortage and a depletion of underground water, is need of moder equipment to extract water from humidity.

The problem can solved by the installation of the modern equipment introduced to the country by Waterair Company which produced technological devices having the ability to extract drinking water from humidity with lower costs. The extraction of water from humidity is considered a source of sustainable water for generations to come.

On his part, Mohamed al-Romaishi, General Manager of Bargains for Trade Ltd, emphasized the care of his company to install the such modern devices in Yemen to benefit from them.

Kamal al-Romaishi, Executive Director of Bargains Ltd in Canada stressed on the importance of launching such equipment that are easily to install and use in Yemen to put an end to water shortage from which people throughout the country suffer for along time.

Mr. Nand Shankar, inventor of the device, gave a full explanation on the nature, components and function of the device.

As part of the symposium, A contract were signed between the HEE Company represented by Hassan Shumaila and Abdulqudos al-Warith and the Waterair Company, under which the latter will introduce modern equipment for extracting water from humidity to put an end to water shortage.

Abdulqudos al-Warith pointed out the modern devices will be imported to the country and their prices will not exceed the cost of production as the small device will be available for $1000 US dollars. Big devices can be installed in remote areas.

This technology is the first of its kind inYemen, a country which suffers from severe water shortage and which relies to a large exten upon a rapidly depleting aquifer.