Scientific symposium on stamps’ historical significance [Archives:2006/1011/Local News]

December 28 2006

ADEN, Dec. 25 ) Titled “the Historical Significance of Stamps as a Yemeni Identity Component”, the Cultural Development Programs Establishment held a symposium on Dec. 24 under the frame of its third national exhibition in Aden’s Yemen Mall.

Dr. Raufa’a Hasan Al-Sharafi, Chairman of Cultural Development Programs Establishment urged concerned authorities and researches to collect and document the Yemeni postal stamps issued during the last century as they are historical sources reflecting the different events and incidents in Yemen’s history.

Al-Sharafi’s further indicated the importance of the stamps as a documentary source, providing a lot of information about events that took place in Yemeni field together with outstanding Yemeni figures who played an important role in all political and social aspects over different periods of our contemporary history.

According to Al-Sharafi, the symposium aims at shedding light on and attracting attention to stamps’ political, social and historical importance. It further aims to identify us with the way we look at ourselves and how outside world looks at us.

The symposium was attended by a number of researchers together with university teachers, political and social figures and interested people.

According to, Stamps of India were used from 1854 to 1937 stamps in Aden. Most Indian stamps from the 1854 issue up to the 1935 issue can be found with Aden postmarks. These can be recognized by the word Aden appearing in the postmark or from the numerals 124, 125 or B-22 which were used on their own or in a duplex with an Aden datestamp. From 1937 till 1964 Aden issued its own stamps.

This information was documented because Aden was a British Colony at that time. North Yemen, at that time was under the Imam rule. The Yemen Stamps and Postal Stationery stationary covers the time of the Imamate of Yemen, Civil War Period and the Royalists, Aden and Kathiri and Qu’aiti States, Federation of South Arabia and States, Yemen as Yemen Arab Republic, and Republic of Yemen of today.