Second conference for lawyers syndicate in Aden [Archives:2005/832/Local News]

April 11 2005

By Nazeeh Abdullah
Aden Bureau

The second conference for lawyers syndicate, Aden Branch, was concluded last Tuesday in the city of Aden. The conference was entitled “for the sake of effective contribution to establish the status of the law, justice and defending public freedoms and human rights”.

Dr.Yahya al-Shu'abi governor of Aden delivered a speech in the inaugural session that was attended by as many as 418 participants of the lawyer's syndicates, prosecutions and courts of appeal.

In his speech, Dr. al-Shu'abi asserted the importance of holding the conference as the role played by lawyers in abiding by the status of the law and the principles of justice in society.

He pointed out the necessity of effective participation of judicial apparatus and other helping apparatuses and called members at the conference to come out with positive results. He further insisted on the choice of efficient elements to represent others. Particularly a great success was achieved due to such a policy.

Additionally a number of speeches were delivered in the conference by some prominent figures and leading lawyers.