Shame on Ministry of Education [Archives:2006/976/Letters to the Editor]

August 28 2006

Mohammed Mohisn Shatubi
Retired English Teacher

Shame on the Ministry of Education or which, who ever the reason for our suffering is. I am writing this letter in the name of all retired teachers who served the nation in education fields for more than twenty years – 91 retired teachers started from the educational year 2006 are ignored completely forgotten by the corrupted officials in the corrupted ministry. These corrupted officials could not solve the problems of 91 retired teachers to settle our salary for almost six months what a shame.

What is the secret behind these corruption and delay?

Is this the reward we receive from this ministry after serving the nation for this long period or is this what you mean by retired? Is it your corrupted policy at this ministry or is it your government policy? Give retired employees death by hunger. Don't you have mercy for elderly people? Don't you feel guilty when you do so? You corrupted officials how it became so difficult for you transferring our salary from your account to the social affairs office? Nothing is clear for us and what reason do you have for all these delays?.

We even do not know where the problem lies, to whom to complain which department to refer to?

You corrupted dead fish officials at this ministry and your friends at others governmental offices, when are you going to work and act properly?

By the way this ministry needs changes from the roots. Many advisors, many deputies, many general directors, many directors, many inspectors are doing nothing there in huge buildings at the head office, and at Sana'a Educational Office and at the regional educational offices are the most corrupted offices in the republic.

The educational system cannot be improved unless these corrupted officials get moral lessons.

At last I want to advise for these corrupted officials that sooner or later we will get our salaries even if we die our families will get it, but you will never succeed, and continue in your corruption administration or management, as the new generation can not tolerate your dirty behavior. You will be thrown away like garbage bags.