Sheikh Al-Hokaimi symposium [Archives:2005/899/Local News]

December 1 2005

ADEN, Nov. 29)A three- day symposium, on the reformist Sheikh Abdullah Ali Al- Hokaimi, was concluded in Aden University hall last Monday. It was organized by the Study Center under the sponsorship of Aden university rector Dr. Abdulkreem Rasie.

Dr. Abdulkreem addressed the representatives of the different universities, study, cultural and press centers.

Dr. Rasie confirmed that this symposium is going to be a guide for researchers, academics, and the future generations who will follow the model of Sheikh Al-Hokaimi, because his pioneer role as one of the patriots who led civilizations' dialogue should be followed.

Dr. Rasie praised the researches presented on Al-Hokaimi's works. He said he would approve the recommendations of the symposium and Aden University will print the researches and publish them in a book. Al-Hokaimi's articles and heritage will also be published.

The symposium also recommended that the university research and studies should be encouraged. A hall in Aden University should be called after Al-hokaimi in addition to a street in Skaikh Osman, in Aden.

The symposium reviewed researches on Hokaimi's national struggle, and his role in reform and enlightenment. The participants also reviewed the role that Al-Hokaimi played in establishing the Free Yemeni Movement.