Sheikh Ali Mukssa’a Settles a Dispute in Al-Jaam [Archives:2000/21/Local News]

May 22 2000

Sheikh Ali Bin Mohammed Mukssa’a’s mediation succeeded on Thursday 18 May 2000 in containing the problem that took place between two families from Al-Hansh at Al-Jam village, Sanhan district in which a man and a woman were killed and two others injured. Sheikh Mukssa’a led a large mediation delegation comprising brigadier general Abdul Rahman Hanash, Judge Abdul Bari Akbad, judge Abul Rahman Al-Marwani, a member of Assalam Social House for Arbitration and other social dignitaries and sheikhs. The mediation team was warmly welcomed by residents of the village who positively responded to the mediation efforts and agreed to solve the problem by arbitration.