Sheikh bin Shajie Appeals to the Government [Archives:2000/47/Local News]

November 20 2000

In a telephone conversation Sheikh bin Shajie, Waelah tribes sheikh, told YT about military confrontations that are taking place between his tribesmen and forces of brigadier general Abdullah Daress. He described the situation as destructive, especially to private possessions such as buildings and cars. He expected that there were no victims on his side urging the authorities to interfere to force the brigadier general to halt armed attacks on his tribe at least as Ramadhan month is approaching.
He described the border issue as bad and that a tense atmosphere was shrouding the whole area. He also said that the Saudi side had closed the crossing points on their side and banned Yemeni exports to their country. Moreover, they opened new crossing points so as to encourage smuggling to Yemen and to create unsecured conditions between the two countries, he added.
A parliamentary delegation left Sanaa today headed by Speaker of Parliament Abdullah bin Hussain al-Ahmar to Riyadh on an attempt to contain the tense situation between the two countries.