Sheikh Miftah’s wife assaulted [Archives:2004/795/Local News]

December 2 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
The wife of Sheikh Mohammad Miftah, Orator of the Great Mosque in Al-Rawdha, an area on the northern edge of the capital, complains of being assaulted by members from the political security.
Sheikh Miftah has been detained in the political security prison in Sana'a since the middle of September 2004.
She complains to the Public Prosecutor of what she along with her children was subject to when the police stormed their house last Saturday evening.
Violating the law, the police frightened the children and arbitrarily took religious, historical and literary books belonging to Sheikh Miftah worth of YR 15million.
In her letter to the Public Prosecutor, Miftah's wife said:
“Dr. Abdullah Al-Olifi, Public Prosecutor, we inform you that my husband Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad Miftah has been detained in the political security since Sept.16 2004. Up until now, we have never known the legal reasons behind his imprisonment. Meanwhile we all the family members have been put under pressure and have become subject to terror and abuse practiced by elements from the security police using different means. The latest misconduct we have been subject to was the storming of our house by police security elements at midnight Saturday Nov.20. Threatening us by the use of weapon, they forcibly snatched the keys of Noralhuda Liberary, situated in 26 September Street and took all the books available, worth of about YR 15 million. They refuted to give us a receipt of the books they took, which include literary, linguistic, scientific, historical and medical volumes.”
The bereaved wife added: “abiding by neither law, legislation, ethics nor humanitarian principles they did all what I mentioned before a group of eyewitnesses.”
Concluding her letter, Miftah's wife appealed to the Public Prosecutor to look into the matter and bring the perpetrators to justice.
In its latest issue Nov. 30, Al-Balagh weekly mentioned: ” Sheikh Miftah currently lives in a bad condition. He is treated in an inhumane way in the political security prison.”
The newspaper added: “Sheikh Miftah receives psychological torture resulting in the deterioration of his health.
It is worth mentioning that Sheikh Miftah was arrested in last September for being allegedly suspected of supporting Cleric Hussein Al-Houthi who rebelled against the government in the north province of Sa'ada.