Sheikh Moayed complains of US oppression [Archives:2005/900/Local News]

December 5 2005

SANA'A)Sheik Mohammed Al-Moayed expressed his fears that he would be forced to undertake physical labor as a part of his sentence after he leaves the hospital, where he is now being treated. has stated that Sheik Moayed called his family last Wednesday from the hospital, assuring them of his reviving health condition. Khaled Al-Anesi, lawyer of Moayed and head of the National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms, said the date for Sheik Moayed to leave the hospital has not yet been set. However, he mentioned that the American lawyers appointed for his defense would submit appeal documents within a month, and after that a date for the trial will be set.

Al-Anesi added that Sheikh Moayed's companion, Mohammed Zayed, has not contacted his family since he was brought to a Colorado prison two months ago.

Sheik Al-Moayad was sentenced to 75 years in prison and Mohammed Zayed to 45 years in prison due to terrorism-related allegations.