Sheikhs against Hezbollah [Archives:2006/973/Letters to the Editor]

August 17 2006

Forat Ali
[email protected]

One cannot believe what these Sheikhs are saying! There ignorant stance is totally pro-Zionism. How can a person be a Muslim and at the same time be an enemy to those faithful Mujahideen of the glorious and victorious Hezbollah. This is a paradox!

As to the information about Iraq, they are wrong, because there is no real conflict between Sunni and Shia but there is a major Zion-West conspiracy to kindle civil war in this country. As an Iraqi, I am sure of this opinion. Shia and Sunni have lived together for about fourteen centuries in Iraq. So we must be aware of the plans and plots against the Muslim World, otherwise we become a tool to fulfill our enemy's plots! Then what can we answer the Holly Prophet and our All Mighty God? How will these Sheikhs answer to God?