Short storyGirl scream [Archives:2007/1055/Community]

May 31 2007

Abdullah Bin Abri Al-Nahdi
[email protected]

Iraq, Baghdad, It was a silent night when Mona's family felt safe more than the nights before. It was nine, time for dinner. Mona, eight years old, her parents, her older brother, and her youngest lovely brother, were having their dinner. Every one was telling what they had during the day. It was moment filled with love and affection, but they weren't aware that was their last meeting. All of them were exhausted after a long day; they finished their dinner and the bed was surely the best place to go to.

The parents take the youngest brother to their room. Mona and her older brother went to the other room. The lights were turned off, but Mona was still whispering to her brother. She was asking her innocent questions “why do the people kill each other? Do you think they will kill us?

“”I don't know we all wish to live in peace”” the brother said.

They slept