Should women be able to serve in the military? [Archives:2008/1173/Reportage]

July 17 2008

By: Shuaib Al-Mosawa
For the Yemen Times

Ameera Al-Mutarreb, 42, Accountant

“We live in a conservative and unique society. So it's difficult in the beginning to accept their participation. As a start, it's better to announce women as volunteers in the military.”

Abdul Aziz Abdullah, 26


“Women as soldiers doesn't contradict [the fact that] Yemen is a conservative community. We do need women who're good at mastering fighting techniques to help preserve our traditions.”

Ali Sharaha, 30

military officer

“They can participate in security forces [but] not in the military because Yemen's nature is different from other countries.”

Adel Al-Harethy, 40


“It's an interesting idea especially after al Houthi movement .We do need a female element when it comes to searching inside houses.”

Yousef Al-Wadeedy