Sick and tired of abusive men [Archives:2007/1033/Letters to the Editor]

March 15 2007

By: Afrah nasser
Nearly a year ago, I wanted to work so I did a job advertisement in Yementimes newspaper and put my mobile number so if anyone was interested in hiring me could contact me. I REALLY wanted to work. I insist on 'really' because I do not want anyone to think that I was fooling around. I was very serious about the job thing but just when the ad appeared I realized that I've done my biggest mistake ever. Believe it or not! Approximately 90% of the people that contacted me, were making advances to me!

The way men conceptualise” a women putting her number in a newspaper to get a job” really pisses me off. I simply want to tell those people that just because I'm a woman don't mean I'm a slut. Just because I'm a woman who wants to get a job doesn't mean I want to have relationships with men. I'm not sure that who did that with me would truly understand my very simple logical words.

Anyways, as long as there are men who have this severe mental illness, this country surely will not go anywhere further than where it stands right now. I thought I would share my story with you because I really have had enough.

Afrah nasser

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