Smell the coffee? [Archives:2003/673/Letters to the Editor]

October 2 2003

Adam Taha
[email protected]

I read the Jewish Perspective: What Zionist is all about? You know, let me clarify something here. I like to make it simple about 'this dream' you yourself and many Zionists have been talking about.
There is a thing called the American Dream. The American dream whether Americans like to admit it or not was built from the blood of Native Indians. They wiped them out! They slaughtered them, they called the native barbaric but in fact, the Native Indians loved their land, loved the sky, loved and nurtured the earth. They never went for battling against the Buffalo only when they were hungry. They fought to death because they were invaded, they were being taken over and not one peace treaty agreement was upheld by America, even till this day.
Now, here come some people who say 'it's always been our dream.' They come, in trickles first, and then slowly but surely, by force and demand the land, demand for the native Indians to be slaves, to not be called by their own native name. And their way of life wiped off the faced of the earth. They weren't allowed to dance because the American soldiers were afraid they will remember who they were and remember that their name isn't Joe, Dave, Richard but by their own Native Name. They quickly worked hard to make them Christians.
Now, please don't get me wrong because no doubt some Americans are going to get hyped up and want to shout 'I hate Americans!' I don't hate anyone. This is his history; it is fact that no human being can deny especially Americans. Yes, the land of Freedom and Opportunities, where not one black man or woman has ever been elected as President of USA. That one I got to laugh about but let me not stray to the main issue.
Let me come to the Zionists. Anti Zionists you say? Well, look at what I wrote above about the Native Indians and isn't so similar to the plight of the Palestinian people? Here we have Palestinians, Christians living in peace. Muslims, yes, Arabs living in peace and slowly but surely, the Zionists trickle in. And Palestinians are warning the damn world 'some mischief is happening here' but no one cared a damn except some Arab leaders who are not doing it for Islam but for their own pathetic political reason and greed, and then, hell breaks lose. And what do the British government do?
Oh yes, the British government comes in like they usually do, and have done in India, Africa, colonizing and they are the masters of carving up countries for their own interests. They come in and write some documents, which the Zionists should have followed. None of it was. Everything was broken and when everything for peace is falling apart, we have the pathetic U.N which can't even look after itself or has any power whatsoever, come to save the day because the British made a right mess of it. And they come in like some stormy fashion.