Smoking ban enacted [Archives:2005/827/Local News]

March 24 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
In its last Monday session, the Parliament finalized the discussion of the previously issued smoking ban in the light of the report forwarded by the Public Health and Population Committee.

The smoking prohibition law embraced 40 articles that included the definition, goals of the ban as well as the prohibition of smoking in public places and preventing smoking by the promotion of advertisements.

The Parliament prevented the import, manufacture and sale of tobacco and recommended that awareness about the harms of smoking should be raised among public.

The law covered many other articles related to the establishment of centers for the combat of smoking as well as imposing sanctions for violators.

This is thought of as the first law of its kind in Yemen expected to be put into practice particularly as the Parliament vowed to remove the advertising banners that belong to tobacco manufacturers the most important of which is the National Tobacco and Sulfur Company.

Contrarily, a large number of people expect that the enforcement of the smoking ban is bound to face several difficulties.