Social Development Fund partly equips it Mental Health HospitalInaugurated [Archives:2003/655/Community]

July 31 2003

The Social Development Fund has participated in equipping the Mental Health Hospital, which was inaugurated on the 14th of July
Today, the hospital is fully functional and equipped with the most modern equipment in the region. The inauguration was made possible due to efforts of many associations especially the Social Development which funded the equipment of the hospital worth USD 350 thousand. The donated equipment included comfortable furniture which is expected to reflect positively on the mood of patients of the hospital, especially as the hospital's staff includes a group of high level specialists and psychiatrists.
This hospital is the first charitable mental health hospital in Yemen, and was established in the early 1990s, when it was then merely three rooms. Then the Islah Charity, along with Sheikh Mahfooz Shammakh and the Social Development Fund participated in expanding and enhancing it.
The inauguration was attended by representatives of the Supreme Council for Psychiatric and Mental Hospitals in the republic which was founded upon orders by President Ali Abdullah Saleh as a means to support mentally ill Yemenis with families of limited income.
During inauguration, Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Arhabi, Minister of the social affairs and executive manager of the Social Development Fund and Mr. Fahmi Al-Hakimi general manager of the hospital, who honored a number of businessmen, well wishers and staff members of the hospital.
Furthermore, the Hospital plans to organize a conference on the mental health policies in Yemen in October to raise awareness of mental health issues in the country.
It is hoped also that the addiction rehabilitation center of the hospital will soon be in service. Various projects are expected to be organized with the help of the Social development Fund.
It is worth mentioning that the German Embassy also participated in funding the hospital as it participated in furnishing the rehabilitation and training center which provides a number activities and tools such as sewing machines and handicrafts making instruments.