Soldier dies amidst call to arms against government in southern Yemen [Archives:2008/1144/Local News]

April 7 2008

Saddam Al-Ashmori
For Yemen Times

SANA'A, April 6 ) The situation in the southern governorates is still shaky after a one-week intensive security deployment backed with tanks attempted to control rioting that erupted when a protest turned violent. Around the same time, a soldier died during an attack in Hadramout following a Parliament member's call for armed struggle in the south. A soldier was killed and another seven were injured when unknown armed men attacked two separate military checkpoints in Hadramout province in southeast Yemen on Saturday.

The governor of Hadramout told the Yemen Times that the armed men shelled two checkpoints in Al-Qatn and Hawrah districts. He said security authorities are currently looking for the aggressors in order to bring them to trial, adding that preliminary investigations were unable to disclose the motive behind the attacks.

Yemeni Socialist leader calls southerners to arms against the government

The attacks came after Salah Al-Shanfarah, a Parliament member and prominent leader in the Yemeni Socialist Party, threatened to resort to armed struggle and revolution against the state authorities. In a statement last Friday in Al-Dhale', Al-Shanfarah said, “We shall announce revolution and armed struggle in the mountains of Al-Dhale'