Solution to the Mideast crisis [Archives:2003/669/Letters to the Editor]

September 18 2003

Jane Novak
[email protected]

To solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Arab League can recognize Israel. Not recognizing Israel prolongs and intensifies the suffering of the Palestinians. In the conflict of ideology between Muslim states and the West, the Palestinians have been sacrificed to the stage as victims. Non-recognition implies a willingness to commit genocide and engenders mistrust in the West. Recognition would imply an acceptance of equality among races. The recognition of Israel would entail greater integration between Muslim states and Christian, Hebrew, Buddhist, and Hindu cultures. Arafat and his cult of personality would be diminished and those who strive for peace would be empowered. The role of Muslims as good neighbors to the Palestinians and to the West requires the virtual expulsion of Arafat through the recognition of Israel. Will there be an uprising from the Arab Street if Israel is recognized or is the silent majority a moral majority that chooses pragmatism and pluralism to keep Israeli babies alive?