Some Americans are righteous ignorance [Archives:2003/632/Letters to the Editor]

April 21 2003

Regina O.
It is discouraging to hear that so many Americans respond with such a level of self-righteous ignorance. I am American-born and do not know many such people. “What Americans Should Think About”.. Almost all I know are sincerely spiritual people who care about the People of other Nations as much as their/our own.
As far as the recent events are concerned and the fact that most of the world does not care for Americans … I believe this is an engineered circumstance in preparation for some atrocities to be committed by certain powers upon their own people. .. they do not want there to be any help for the good Americans when the times comes … Most of the world will find it difficult to believe there is such a division here!! It is a sad state. It is my hope that those of us who do care about the rest of the world will one day be able to make things right and make America an inspiring and loved Nation once again. Right now, Satan rules with his Thamudis at the helm.
God/Allah Bless You and our prayers are in mind every moment for an end to the suffering Satan has brought to the world.

Dear Regina,
I assure you that we treat all feedback with the utmost of respect. Even those who may not agree with us, we are confident that their intentions are honest, genuine and generally good, though maybe disjointed by the lack of a broader perspective of events. That is why it is important for people in the world to communicate, so that all the good that exists in the world can come together and start to create a mighty world power that is called “public opinion”, which will eventually revolutionize the course of political and even military events in the world to come.
Keep the faith.
)The Editors