SOS call from students in India [Archives:2003/663/Letters to the Editor]

August 28 2003

Samih Al-Aareeqi
[email protected]

I would like to inform you that I'm one of the Yemeni scholars studying in India. I would like to mention some of the problems that the Yemeni scholars in India are suffering from.
First and most important of all is the fact that the Yemeni ambassador to New Delhi, Mohamed Saad, seems to be discriminating between students based on their origin in Yemen.
This fact is clearly demonstrated by the way he warmly welcomes and assists Yemeni students coming from certain areas, even if their visit was so insignificant (e.g., having a cup of tea, etc.) While on the other hand, Yemeni students from other regions are not allowed to enter the embassy and have to wait at the gate for hours.
This is only one example and due to lack of space and time, I will be glad to send an even greater and more comprehensive letter explaining our problems with the embassy here in India.
Secondly, the cultural consul of the embassy does not go to his office regularly and makes students who are in need for a document or official paper wait for days so as he can take the time to sign them.
Furthermore, fifty US dollars need to be paid for having documents stamped Furthermore, the cultural counselor was summoned to Yemen two months ago and was asked to submit a statement of account. They found deficit in his balance -readers can refer to the Ministry of Higher Education.
Dozens of students did not get their salaries for months and the person responsible at the embassy is probably forging receipts in their names and submitting them to Yemen. Those students do not have money even to call officials in Yemen and inform them. I ask you for the sake of those poor students to publish this letter, perhaps we would see some positive reaction.