Soul of life [Archives:2005/899/Community]

December 1 2005

Done by: FNFR Group.
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When you have a soul that means you are alive. Each creature has a soul to live, but I think only human beings souls are different from other creatures. Human beings are in need of a soul to share with. What I am trying to say is that people need a friendship's soul to make them human beings. Every day, we meet a lot of people, deal with different characters but in the end, we look for a friend who is close to us.

Friendship is one of the highest degrees of relationships whom every one looks for. A Friend is a person that you consider everything to you. Unfortunately there is a common concept in the minds of people that says friendship is a self-interest relationship and it becomes difficult to find a real friend. Many people take this concept seriously, but I can say NO, for those who think this way.

I know a story that happened in real life. This a story proves that friendship could be a medicine doctors could describe.

There was a girl called Fatma , she had three friends who were too close to her. Those four friends were together everywhere they go. They were studying in the same collage. Anyone who saw them would say they were one. Those girls had a unique friendship that makes people around them wonder. They were like the air for each other. That's why they didn't even think or imagine that one day they would separate. They thought that they would be together forever.

The nightmare turned out to be reality that they would not meet again because they finished their studies in the collage. After two months Fatma was sick, she gave up talking or eating. Her health went from bad to worse. Her family was worried about her. They took her to a hospital. There was a professional doctor who recovered her disease, but unfortunately he did not know what was her problem exactly. She didn't respond to medicine. No one knew the reason behind her illness.

After one month, Fatma wrote a massage saying, “I want to see my friends.” The family didn't understand what their daughter meant. Immediately they send massage to the three girls saying “please, come your friend is sick, she wants to see you.” They three girls went to their friend's house quickly. When the door was knocked, Fatma woke up and ran to the door. The moment Fatma saw her friends, she got well. The doctor and the family were wondering and they realized that the separation of those friends was the main reason for Fatma`s illness. The doctor believed that friendship could be medicine that has a positive effect on the condition.

When people hear or read like this story, they either ignore it or don't believe it especially these days. But only nly the one who has a real friend can believe and feel and know the meaning of these stories.

After what seem ages away from friends, it becomes difficult to describe one's feelings and emotions.

Nothing can be done

Only gazing at moon and sun

Or write many words of pun

Which describe our feelings as fun.

So do what can you do,

Before your happy days go.