Stand for your freedom [Archives:2004/723/Letters to the Editor]

March 25 2004

David Lockhorn
[email protected]

When a child learns to walk, everyone gathers round, showing attention and support. Walking is a vital stage of development in any child.
Similarly, an open press, a free judiciary and security/police authorities subject to oversight, are learned rights and skills. When a major move towards more freedom is taking place, there is a learning curve.
Those losing the ability to operate without question are nervous and don't know where the new boundaries are. Those with greater freedom are empowered and energetic, pushing the new limits.
This is the time when the whole community needs to watch and encourage. Expanding freedom is important, supporting existing agencies while they learn new skills and become comfortable are important as well.
Stand for your freedom, push for more, and respect those trying to keep the system working.
It will benefit them as well. After that child learns to walk, he learns to run.