Sticking to the right course [Archives:2003/637/Letters to the Editor]

May 26 2003

Suliman Al-Nasser
[email protected]

The new government is to face tough challenges in order to prove its privilege in ruling Yemen and have the positions held by them. Beside, the public have to understand that it's not easy for them to do so unless they show their best. However, we expect a lot from them the government especially is constructing a proper infrastructure and in other fields like education, investment and co-ordination with Gulf countries and the international community, disallowing corruption in the administrative and financial sectors.
We are looking forward to have the new government declare better investment opportunities and to clearly state the requirements, rules and regulations guaranteed for investors to start investing in the country with peace of mind.
On the other hand, the opposition should stop hunting for government's mistakes and start coordinating with the government to serve Yemen and its people in a better way.
Our country should start exporting and importing useful commodities rather than giving democratic lessons to others, while getting loans from them. The government has to accept ideas coming from the opposition in case they could help bring Yemen back on track and ensure that our country moves towards more development.