Stop killing American soldiers in Iraq [Archives:2003/659/Letters to the Editor]

August 14 2003

Lorrie C.
[email protected]

I have written to your publication on numerous occasions. While it is truly sad to celebrate anyone's death, I think we need to celebrate for the Iraqi people that Saddam's sons are now both dead and hopefully gone forever!
Again, what I cannot comprehend is why any other Muslim country would allow such a horrific regime to rule over a “Muslim country”. We need the Arab world to work with us in our positive actions towards the Middle East. Please do not forget that it was the United States who liberated Kuwait from the torture of Saddam Hussein and his Regime.
The Americans are now in Iraqi to help liberate the people from this horrible monster who never cared about the Iraqi people, the Muslims or even his own family. Where are all of Muslim brothers and sisters from other Arab countries who care so much about them? I see no assistance from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, etc. ) only Turkey, the only Muslim state who is always willing to help America and their Muslim brothers and sisters.
My message to Iraq and the Arab World is to stop killing American soldiers who are risking their lives for the Iraqi people.
We are trying to help and aid the Iraqi people to live in a society where they are not scared to get beaten, raped, murdered, tortured, and deceived, etc. I am very angry that the Iraqi-Saddam-Killers are still out there killing Americans.
When will someone from your country or any other Arab country go over to Iraq to help the Americans liberate your Muslim brothers and sisters from the Hussein loyalists?
At this point, I would pull out every American Troop out of Iraq and then let us see who will be there to help their “Muslim Brothers and Sisters.”
Finally, I have been an avid supporter of a Palestine State. Today, President Bush met with Prime Minister Abbas in which I am very happy.
I now hope and pray that Israel will finally compromise their extreme position, and that Hamas continues their agreement to a cease-fire. If Israel does not meet Palestine half-way in this “Road Map to Peace”, Israel should just say goodbye to their country because Hamas and every other Palestinian rebel will now make sure that Israel will be destroyed.
How sad that would be if one more Jew or Arab has to die because of a select number of Jews and Arabs who cannot move their own egos and agendas out of the way so that we can make peace for an entire world.
My prayer is that peace will come between Israel and Palestine. My gut tells me that Israel's ego is too big to give up anything.
I hope I am wrong. . .
In the meantime, please help the Americans who are risking their lives and leaving their families to help YOUR people live a free, loving and safe life.