Stop USA/Israel bashing Haifi! [Archives:2004/773/Letters to the Editor]

September 16 2004

Maybe Mr. Hassan Al-Haifi can take a little time off from his USA/Israel bashing to read the below statement – and remind your readers that Islam is a tolerant religion.
“An Arabic language website has posted images of what it says are the executions of 12 Nepalese citizens taken hostage in Iraq.
Ten days ago, a militant Islamic group kidnapped at least 12 Nepalese workers in Iraq.
The website carried a statement from the militant group, Army of Ansar al-Sunna, which said that the men were being punished for helping America”.
What would be the consequences for the world if a Christian militant group were to kidnap and execute 12 Muslims after demanding, for example, a church in Sana'a (or Saudi, or Iran, or Libya…) so that the Christian minority had a place to worship?
I am SURE that Mr. Hassan Al-Haifi would have a LOT to say about that.
Mike A.