Story in my bag: New series released [Archives:2004/758/Community]

July 26 2004

By Fahmia al-Fotih
For the Yemen Tims

Under the title “To spread child knowledge” and under the auspices of Mr. Abdualkader Bajamal, the Prime Minister and the head of the Higher Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and in cooperation with the Ibhar Foundation for Childhood Creativeness and Rada Barner Sweeden, the first part of the series of the story “story in my bag” was inaugurated on Wednesday 21st July and took place in the Technology City.
Ms. Najeeba Hadad, the deputy of the ministry of culture, commented on the activity, “We always demand and ask for a number of magazines, books, and stories special for children to effectively participate in promoting knowledge among children. Today Ibhar foundation along with the ministry of culture and Technology City organized this activity as part of helping children to show their talents and skills”
She confirmed “Actually there are many programs and qualifications as well as collaborations between the child-concern bodies in order to uplift and develop childhood issues.”
Ms. Maha Naji Salah, the head of Ibhar foundation for Childhood and Creativeness, in statement told Yemen Times “Today we celebrate and honor the first- stage of the children of technology project that basically aims at eliminating illiteracy of computers and the internet among children”
She added “The first stage has witnessed the participation of 100 children and there will be a second stage in which 20 distinguished children will be chosen to run and design a website for children in order to partially erase ignorance of computers and the internet. This activity coincides with the release of a series of stories that the Higher Council for Motherhood and Childhood has adopted. These important publications come at a time when there is nothing addressing the child's mind and spiritually. It is a true attempt to build an educated and intellectual generation.”