Strategic planning and creative thinking at YCH [Archives:2004/764/Community]

August 16 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
The Yemen Consultant House (YCH) has concluded on Wednesday 11th August a one-week course on strategic planning and creative thinking with the participation of a number of intellectuals affiliated with public and private sector organizations.
The course aimed at defining the nature of strategic planning the style adopted by high administrations to reach their goals.
The course gave information about strategic planning which requires analysis, understanding of the surrounding environment to identify available opportunities, recognition of present and future threats, which may obstruct the attainment of goals, as well as analysis of predicted self potential, to identify points of strength and weakness.
The program was run by Mr. Ahmed Al-Mawri, an expert in political science at Sana'a University.
The YCH is the first consultation house in Yemen, which was established in 1984, and provides integrated consultation services.
The YCH depends on a team of Yemeni experts in many specializations propped by an efficient technical and administrative apparatus.
It has established cooperation relations with many consultation firms, centers, and offices with international reputation.
The head of the YCH is Dr. Abdulhadi Hussein Al-Hamadani, a politically and socially active, lecturing professor at Sana'a University.