Students and summer time [Archives:2003/660/Reportage]

August 18 2003

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Like every year the summer vacation comes and goes and nothing is done about it except talk. Here we are about to conclude another summer holidays and students are still with nothing to do during summer vacation or anything to utilize their free time. More than three months every year go just like that without any useful activities, worse is that idleness of the students causes a lot of troubles and bad habits too.
And every year the concerned ministries and educational instruments meet and debate and talk about what to organize for this summer, listing a long interesting list if various activities whether sports, scientific, cultural, intellectual and social. Yet all this remains ideas in the minds and dreams of the desperate.
Education is not only that taken at school, it could be given through other means such as workshops, training centers and seminars. When the academic year is over it does not mean put a heavy lock on the student's brain and throw the key to the sea, learning is a continuous process that ends with the end of man, not limited to an academic year.
During the summer vacation students should go on reading and investigating knowledge through books and magazines etc They should also improve their physical health through sports and outdoor activities especially that this also helps them psychologically where they interact with each other and develop good communication skills.
The summer vacation is a part of the student's life and it is sad that it comes and goes in total waste. Especially for teenagers and high schools students where in this period they are developing their personality and improving their skills, yet especially those students you find them not interested at all in anything productive except for very few who have found support and encouragement from their families and surrounding environment. The rest gather at the streets doing nothing except strolling about gaining bad habits and in many times annoying others passing by. And there you find the adults complaining that their children no longer listen to them and that every new generation is worse than the previous one. Are they too blind to see or is it just ignorance? This summer vacation is about to end, and the students will be back to school soon. We should take this chance to learn from our lessons, and make it a point that the next three months of summer vacation will be different.