Successful Yemen Times Campaign [Archives:1998/01/Local News]

January 5 1998

The campaign initiatied by Yemen Times to draw attention to the plight of the Iraqi population in general, and the children in particular, has generated enthusiastic response from the general public. The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness among the people of Yemen regarding the hardships endured by Iraq because of the US-driven UN sanctions. Yemen Times has already received more than 46,000 signatures of distinguished individuals as well as ordinary citizens of Yemen who are disgusted with what is happening to the people of Iraq. People wrote to us by hand, there are type-written messages, some were sent by mail, others by fax, and still others were hand-delivered. Still many more called. Even some foreigners, including Westerners, also wrote in support of stopping the mass murder of Iraqi children. Yemen Times has made arrangements to directly deliver all these messages to the UN Secretary-General.