Supporting your views on weapons [Archives:2004/720/Letters to the Editor]

March 15 2004

Jason Scott
[email protected]

I would like to start by thanking you for your newspaper. It is a great achievement in itself that you have been able to expand the way you have over the years always keeping an even view of events in mind.
I believe that the issue in Palestine is very pressing; the wall is something that should have been trashed before it was even thought of. I also believe though that the only way of resolving the issue of the wall is by fresh and series talks by both sides and this is only achievable with new administrations.
As far as issues pressing in Yemen. Guns or obviously becoming a problem. If ties with other countries are being threatened over weapon transfers then it is differently a pressing issue that needs to be looked into. I think it is about time for basic legislation to be made.
One other issue that is not getting very much press time is the environment. I myself am a diver and on my last trips to the Red Sea coast have been made aware of a growing situation. Sea Cucumber harvesting.
You remember and probably still see the shark fishing, now the money seems to be swinging towards the sea cucumbers, a vital part of the marine ecosystem. A single one can catch a price of up to 1,000Y.R.
And reports of even old men going diving after them using insane methods have been given. So far almost all of the southern islands of Yemen have been striped and the hunters are crossing the Saudi boarder in search of them.
This must stop! By removing one species from an ecosystem will have more effects then we can imagine right now. I think it would be worth looking into for a possible article so we can raise the awareness on this issue. Thank you very much and best regards.