Symposium on economy and the media [Archives:2004/711/Local News]

February 12 2004

The Information Training and Qualification Institute, in cooperation with 14 October Establishment for Press and Publication, is organizing at the Free Zone in Aden on Feb. 14, a symposium for press specializing in economic affairs. The symposium covers three premises: the reality of economic press and horizons of its development, the relationship of economic press with Yemeni economic activity, and how the press can play a role in this significant sector.
Director of the Institute's Unit for Studies and Research, Dr. Hussein Jaghman, has made it clear that the symposium clarifies the economic press role in shedding light on the economic and investment sector through press coverage of implemented development and strategic projects.
The symposium would also mirror the positive and negative aspects that hamper movement of the economic, trade and investment activity in Yemen.