Symposium on higher studies concluded [Archives:2004/796/Community]

December 6 2004

Aden Bureau
The scientific symposium on higher studies in the Arab universities was concluded in the city of Aden on Monday Nov. 29.
Under the auspices of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the course was organized by the University of Aden from 27-29 Nov. in coordination with the Arab Universities Union.
Most of the researches submitted to the course were discussed. They covered three main areas: the first was names and specifications of higher studies, a critical study in which 12 researches were submitted; the second was the criteria of evaluation, assignment, and distinction in higher studies which received three researches; the third area covered fields of cooperation and coordination among Arab universities.
The researches of the symposium were rich and serious and cast light on problematic aspects of higher studies and scientific researches in Arab universities. The symposium came out with several recommendations and suggestions to improve the current situation in the Arab World.