Symposium on human rights in Islam [Archives:2005/838/Local News]

May 2 2005

TAIZ- April 26- A symposium on human rights in Islam was held last Tuesday and was attended by many government dignitaries and distinct personalities.

At the beginning of the symposium, Dr. Fuad al-Banna pointed out that human rights in Islam surpasses those of other religions in a variety of different areas.

Human rights in Islam are more strictly followed by people as they are based on ideology and moral values as well as Islamic jurisprudence. Islam honored man and bestowed on him all blooms and rights regardless of his color, origin and language.

The religion of Islam stressed on human rights more than the rights of the Creator. This means that religion is not merely worships and rituals to be performed, rather it is a movement and establishment of social relationships.

In addition, one can realize nowadays that more attention is drawn toward human rights issues by civil community organizations, the specialist societies and all the cultural currents, individuals or groups.

The field of human rights starts and does not end at any limit, which are governed by certain rules and principles. It is impossible for any one to exceed the limits of such rules considering it a violation against the rights of others.