Symposium on human rights wraps up [Archives:2003/09/Local News]

February 3 2003

Organized by the Supreme National Committee for Human Rights, the 1st National Symposium for human rights concluded its activities on February 27 and 28, 2003.
The 2-day symposium was organized in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy.
On his part, the prime minister, Dr. Abulqader Bajammal delivered a speech stressing that inevitable consequences will erupt as a result of war globalization policy on human rights and rights of nations to peace and development.
In his speech the PM expressed his total refusal of war for its being against human rights and democratic principles.
He said that the culture of justice, peace rights, equality and tolerance are the central core of life. “The culture of violence grows quickly due to the ignorance of human rights.”
He further highlighted that human rights are an applicable process closely related to the culture of society, its political system, and the individual relations and their legal awareness.
On her part, Dr. Waheeba Fara’e, the Human Rights State Minister placed great stress on the future vision of human rights in Yemen on the role of democratic issue and that civil society organizations have to be taken into consideration. This could be achieved in accordance with the international charters signed by our country for enhancing the human rights notions.
In her speech, Dr. Waheeba Fara’e deals with the current developments in the Mideast region including her total rejection for war on Iraq.
Participants have recommended that deepening the notions of human rights for social classes with a view of raising awareness among them and to demand them.
They also recommend holding dialogues among civil society institutions which will help in creating a clear-cut future vision for the human rights notion in Yemen.