Symposium on the revolution [Archives:2002/43/Local News]

October 21 2002

A scientific symposium on the Yemeni Revolution, Part 2, about the October 14 Revolution, concluded last Thursday.
It included a profile of the revolution, its causes, and a review of armed fighting for independence. The symposium comes on the 39th anniversary of the October 14 revolution in the southern part of the country and the dismissal of the British colony from Aden.
The symposium which was organized by the armed forces, aimed at establishing a solid documentary for the historical events of the revolution. The participants of the symposium confirmed the seminar comes in time for the public to talk about what they think about the Yemeni revolution.
The symposium dealt with 26th of September revolution in its first part. The closing ceremony was attended by Vice President Abdu Rabou Mansour Hadi and a number of officials.