Tahreer Square’s time bomb [Archives:2003/660/Letters to the Editor]

August 18 2003

Alawi Abdulla
[email protected]

Al-Tahreer Square in Taiz, a time bomb, below is the statement of Yahya Zahir and I will answer his statement below:
What do authorities have to say?
Head of the traffic authority in Taiz General Yahya Zahir when asked about the issue said: “these cars have become totally outdated and they are no longer usable. Car owners should do something about this and it is their responsibility to develop themselves. We personally have no responsibility towards them and survival is for the fittest.”
The statement above is what Taiz General Yahya Zahir says about the challenges the taxi drivers face. Survival of the fittest is it? Yahya Zahir, you ain't in America or England, and this is about Taiz and it is not about the survival of the fittest. It is about a country surviving and that country, that city is filled with your own people. It is about who has the courage to look at the challenges head on and say 'right, we are men! We shall not run away from such challenges and from now on the buck stops here!
This Yahya Zahir, takes courage to do, it also takes love for humanity, for your people, for your city and most of all, yes, most of all, love for the One who gave you life and rendered you in a power that you can choose to use for the benefit of your people or let the buck pass as many have done.
Reading such a remark, really made me think why we have lost such blessings as Muslims. I have a message for General Yahya Zahir. Remember what Allah teaches us, remember it well 'that no one believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself!' Remember that 'a nation 'Ummah' is like one body, when part of is in pain the whole body feels feverish.'
Also remember, what goes round comes round and you might hear your own words echoing when your time comes and you need help. Life Yahya has many faces, and the tide might roll in one day but it will roll back maybe taking away of what makes you speak with such arrogance to say:
'We personally have no responsibility towards them and survival is for the fittest.”
That is why Yemen is the way it is now, at this present time because people who have the power to make that change say the same damn words and pass the buck, everyday, every week, every month and year!
I pray that Allah Almighty writes these very words you said and recall them on the Day of reckoning. Fear Allah Yahya and if not, then suffice that Allah is Just and may He help our people and He is the giver, taker and provider of every living soul. May He bring them a bright future.
As for my people – look towards Allah, run to Him and be sincere and truly He is the Most Merciful and there is nothing He cannot do for you but walk to him with gentle hearts and true love for His mercy.
It was indeed a sad day to hear such words from the likes of you Yahya. Truly a sad day.