Taiz-Alhujariah road, Total Neglect! [Archives:2000/34/Reportage]

August 21 2000

Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Office
Many articles have been written on this subject. However, nothing has been done. If we compare bragging of our officials about what they have fulfilled in reality, we will conclude that there is a big gap between both of them. As a live example of this is the situation of the main road of Taiz. The Construction Office has, many times, repaired and paved this road with asphalt. However, few weeks later wide cracks occur on the road, rendering it impassable. Even during construction of these roads the office spends quite a long time to fix it which consequently leads to traffic jams and sometimes accidents.
Another example is Taiz-alhujaria road. It was paved about 25 years ago during the late leader Ibrahim Al-Hamdi. However, so far it has never been properly maintained. Holes could be clearly seen on the road due to a number of reasons including water spilt from trucks which carry water to the city and floods coming down from mountains, especially from Saber and al-Rahish mountains. These floods carry down sands, stones, tree trunks and large branches that block the road, causing some road accidents. Many travelers to villages are forced to go back to town to stay until the road is cleared. Even in emergency cases when sick people from villages urgently need to be taken to hospital in town, they also have to stay until these floods are over. Many times I have seen families waiting in agony and pain till these floods are over!! This has been going on for a long time. However, the authorities seem to be indifferent. These authorities have to reconsider this issue and give it the attention needed so as to relieve suffering of the residents of the area and decrease the possibility of car accidents.