Taiz gets ready for WB chairman [Archives:2005/816/Local News]

February 14 2005

Taiz Bureau
A meeting was held in the Taiz Governorate governmental bureau Feb. 9 for bureau general managers, headed by Mr. Shouqi Ahmed Hayel Saeed, Chairman of Planning, Budgetary and Finance committee in the local council, to talk about a number of projects funded by the World Bank.

Among them are protecting Taiz town from flooding, the infrastructure project, health and educational projects, highways and organizational building for local councils, and also the handicapped sector support.

The meeting has confirmed on the necessity of speeding up the preparation, arranging, and equipping the party location dedicated for receiving Mr. James D Wolfensohn, Chairman of the World Bank, in Taiz – which will be set up in al-Be'rarah Housing Town and in which student celebration and popular bands will show in addition to deaf, dumb, orphans bands and the marginalized sectors.

The meeting also stressed the necessity of audio-visual media broad attention to the guest visit, to the level of local and foreign newspapers.

It reflected Taiz Governorate leadership and the local council's ambition for showing off Taiz Governorate and the projects funded by the World Bank in it, as it is a typical support by the World Bank to the Yemeni level and the territory.