Taiz honors excellent students [Archives:2009/1223/Local News]

January 8 2009

By: Salah Al-Warafy
TAIZ, Jan. 3 ) Three hundred excelling graduates of 2008 in Taiz beamed with pride as they received their honorary awards at the fifth Excellence Program Festival on Wednesday.

Organized by the National Organization of Development of Society (NODS), graduates of Taiz University, post-school Technical institute, Vocational Institute, and Health Institute, as well as the top-ten students of secondary school in Taiz were awarded at the ceremony at the Taiz Tourist Club.

The students not only received certificates of excellence, they also received computers and scholarships for English, computer and human resource courses.

Shawqi Alqadi, Director of NODS in Yemen, said they are looking forward to depending on the outstanding students. He stressed the importance of acknowledging their achievements lauded efforts to encourage them. He cited other nations whose exceptional students made a significant contribution to development and progress.

Alqadi also stressed the need to develop education.

“Our hopes