“Take my hand to live together”” Orphanage wants to improve children’s futures [Archives:2008/1187/Reportage]”

September 4 2008

By: Hafsa al-Tayyib
& Nisreen Shadad
For The Yemen Times

Orphans yearn to be integrated into their community, to study at university, to have enough food and clothes. Under the slogan, “Take My Hand to Live Together,” the Cultural and Social Union for Youth and Life Makers Meeting Place launched a program on August 18th to make these dreams come true for the children of Al-Aitam government-run orphanage.

The program was run under the auspices of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hamoud Abbad.

“This program targets 60 students who graduated from al-Aitam orphanage's school. It aims to qualify them in computers, English language and mobile conservation,” said Akram Al-Kumaim, the Project Manager at Life Makers Meeting Place. Al-Kumaim added that it will help youths become independent and face obstacles they might have while trying to find jobs, even if they don't enter the university and complete their studies.

“To integrate the [orphan] students into the community